Lauren Bourgeois

Nashville, TN
I tend to over-think everything.
I'm excited to grow old, whatever that may include.
Decisions met

I’ve decided to stay in Nashville.
The opportunities presenting themselves are far too good to pass up.

I’m really excited about what’s happening, finally getting some direction and it’s more than I could have hoped for.

And so the apartment search begins!

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T-moins un heure

I’m so nervous about this interview, I haven’t felt legitimately nervous in so long!
To be honest, I’m not a fan. It’s weird.

I’m gonna blast music from before my time and nervous eat

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I don’t care if I sound like a dirty hippie, seriously, every day should be treated as earth day!

If your lifestyle no longer supports the very well-being of the fucking planet that yields you the ability to inhabit it, yeah, there’s a problem.

It should be mutualism not parasitism.

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untitled by mariahuseby on Flickr.

This adorable little fuck is a Golden Husktriever 

omg gimme